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WGC has started Suspension Training using FK pro equipment.

   What's Suspension Training?

FK pro

      Basically it's all about using your bodyweight to perform a range of exercises whilst partially supported by the straps which are fixed above your head. It's functional training at its best - ideal for improving your whole body for everyday living or turning in the performance of your life.

Class's at the moment are on a Friday Night at 5.30 till 6.00 with Trainer Peter Faulkner.


Recent report from the US

Osteopathic Manual Treatment and Ultrasound
Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain:
A Randomized Controlled Trial

This study shows that OMT is efficacious for shortterm
pain relief when used to complement other
co-treatments for chronic low back pain. Responder
analysis confirmed that OMT met or exceeded the
Cochrane Back Review Group criterion for a medium
effect size for both moderate and substantial improvements
in low back pain.

Thus, low back pain reductions
with OMT were statistically signifi cant and clinically
relevant. The less frequent use of prescription
drugs for low back pain reported by OMT patients further
corroborates the clinical relevance of our low back
pain outcomes. Notably, these drugs were prescribed
by independent nonstudy physicians who were blinded
or unaware that their patients were participating in our
Moderate to substantial pain reductions, such as
those observed with OMT, have been associated with
decreased need for rescue medication.26 Another trial
reported decreased medication use with OMT, but
without corresponding effi cacy in relieving low back
pain.11 Our results may begin to explain why one-third
of ambulatory, chronic problem visits for low back pain
in the United States are provided by osteopathic physicians,
and why they less frequently prescribe medications,
such as nonsteroidal anti-infl ammatory drugs,
than allopathic physicians during such visits.1

There are concerns that chronic low back pain is
often managed with costly and invasive treatments of
questionable efficacy and safety."

Read the full report here