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The Alexander Technique (AT) was discovered by F.M. Alexander over a century ago. When the medical establishment could not help him with his problems,  he decided he must help himself. This is what the AT enables - we become more 'in charge' of our own health and wellbeing.
Whilst Alexander's problems were voice and performance-related, people come to AT for many different reasons, such as for help with back / neck / joint pain, stress, recurrent injuries, anxiety... or to help with pregnancy, sports, presentations, musical skills... the list goes on!
In AT lessons you learn to recognise your habits of thought and movement - particularly those which may cause or contribute to difficulties - and to change those habits if you wish.  This is usually achieved through using less effort than we are accustomed to, thus making life easier in general.
Because the AT is something we can apply to any and every aspect of our lives it works well alongside or following treatments such as osteopathy - when therapists 'prescribe' exercises to do at home, many people find that they enjoy them more and gain more benefit when applying the AT.
The Alexander Technique is gentle, personal and experiential - and unlike anything else - so the best way to find out if it is for you is to try it.
Everyone can benefit!

Some insurance companies will pay for AT lessons.
People with low back pain may be able to gain access to the AT via their GP following the 2009 NICE guidelines regarding “adults (aged 18 or older) who have had non-specific low back pain, with or without pain in the upper leg (above the knee), for between 6 weeks and 12 months”.

Lessons take place fully clothed and are usually one-to-one but are also available in pairs, or in small group classes.
The AT is not exercise based; lessons involve everyday activities, e.g. walking.
To read more about the AT see the STAT website.
For guidance or further information, contact reception who will put you in touch with the Clinic's AT teacher.

Bethan Evans, MSTAT

For more Information see Bethnas website www.TechniqueForLife.com