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We want you to feel good

We want our patients to be as healthy as they can be – 
through treatment, encouragement, support and teaching the lifestyle choices that promote optimum health and wellbeing.

We're tenacious

Because we care.  If we can’t help you we will find someone who can.  We have excellent relationships with the local GPs and other healthcare providers both in and out of the NHS.

Everyone deserves good health

We believe that affordable complementary health care should be available to everyone.  From newborns to the elderly, weekend warriors to Olympic athletes.


Jane, Carole, Sue, Alison & Sheelagh man reception here at WG, and Pattie is our Practice Manager. They are highly knowledgeable about all our treatments and can answer your general queries.




Our Therapies

You may have a specific treatment in mind, or you may need advice.  Just ask.  We also have a great selection of useful products available.

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Our Classes

We don’t just offer treatments, we also have a variety of classes aimed at keeping you in tip top shape, like Yoga & Pilates.  Private or group sessions are available.

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Shockwave Therapy

Highly Effective & Non Invasive

A revolutionary system that reduces pain quickly when applied to the afflicted tissues and bones.

Immediate Results

In many instances, there will be an immediate reduction in pain, as well as improved mobility and functionality.

Recognised by NICE

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is so effective it’s recognised by NICE (The National Institute For Health Care & Excellence).

CLICK HERE to find out if Shockwave Therapy is right for you.

What our patients say

Nothing makes us happier than the positive feedback we get from our clients.

I suffer from long term health conditions, which primarily include fibromyalgia and ME.  I have a short leg and chronic bursitis of the hips.  I have been treated at Walnut Grove by Zara and her colleagues since 1994.  Without Osteopathic treatment I would be in unbearable pain and probably wheelchair bound.  I would not be able to live the life I have, manage three small children and keep mobile without the support and treatment I receive at Walnut Grove.  Walnut Grove does not only treat injuries but helps with long term health conditions – I cannot thank them enough for what they do for me and my family.

Sarah Jane - Portishead

I’ve been a regular patient at Walnut Grove for several years receiving Osteopathy treatment from Zara Ford and her excellent team primarily for back and other joint problems. Pilates classes and lessons in the Alexander Technique have also been of immense benefit. This holistic approach has enabled me to maintain my mobility over the years. I walk a lot and attend two exercise classes a week. I would not have achieved any of this without Walnut Grove.

Valerie - Portishead

During my third trimester of my 2nd pregnancy I started to suffer with SPD, walking was incredibly painful. Visiting the doctor there was nothing they could do for me, I therefore contacted Walnut Grove Clinic where I met Esther Barton.  Over a couple of treatments Esther got me back on track and enabled me to enjoy the later stages of my pregnancy. The week before I was due I also visited Esther for some treatment to help prepare my body for the birth, I am certain this helped my very fast positive birth, where I ended up with no pain relief. Which was a completed different experience to my first birth.  Post the birth I also visited Esther with my new born daughter to have some cranial treatment, she is a bonny baby and has not suffered as much in the first few months like my first child did, which I believe is due to a much easier birth and treatment.  I would not hesitate to recommend Esther Barton to anyone going through pregnancy and post birth. She really has helped me, always making me feel at ease, friendly and very professional.

Yvonne Portishead

I was transformed from a person walking painfully and carefully. To a normal walker following the Shockwave treatment at Walnut Grove. I thought I was doomed to a painful future from back problems that had seemed to become permanent.

Thank you for a new lease of life both physically and mentally.

Selma 6.12.2017


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5 days ago

Walnut Grove Clinic

If the noise is pain free don't worry about it - if you get sharp pain associated with the noise then come and see us for advice.Do you have noisy knees? ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Walnut Grove Clinic

We are looking for a Receptionist/Administrator.
Good admin/customer service skills.
Must be flexible with regards to hours & holiday cover.
Salary and hours to be discussed.
IT skills would be an advantage.
Please contact the Clinic.
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2 months ago

Walnut Grove Clinic

Ever wondered why manipulation of a joint or the 'cracking of knuckles' makes a noise - Its been debated for years - here is the up to date explanation

Why Do You Hear A Crack?

Scientists have turned their attention to investigating that most annoying of human habits - the sound made when you crack your knuckles.

The characteristic pop can be explained by three mathematical equations, say researchers in the US and France.
Their model confirms the idea that the cracking sound is due to tiny bubbles collapsing in the fluid of the joint as the pressure changes.
Surprisingly, perhaps, the phenomenon has been debated for around a century.
Science student Vineeth Chandran Suja was cracking his knuckles in class in France when he decided to investigate.He developed a series of equations with his lecturer, Dr Abdul Barakat of École polytechnique, to explain the typical sound that accompanies the release of the joint between the fingers and the hand bones.
"The first equation describes the pressure variations inside our joint when we crack our knuckles," he told BBC News.
"The second equation is a well-known equation which describes the size variations of bubbles in response to pressure variations.
"And the third equation that we wrote down was coupling the size variation of the bubbles to ones that produce sounds."
The equations make up a complete mathematical model that describes the sound of knuckle cracking, said Chandran Suja, who is now a postgraduate student at Stanford University in California."When we crack our knuckles we're actually pulling apart our joints," he explained. "And when we do that the pressure goes down. Bubbles appear in the fluid, which is lubricating the joint - the synovial fluid.
"During the process of knuckle cracking there are pressure variations in the joint which causes the size of the bubbles to fluctuate extremely fast, and this leads to sound, which we associate with knuckle cracking."
Conflicting theories
The model neatly bridges two conflicting theories. The idea that a collapse of bubbles causes the cracking sound was first put forward in 1971.
Why suitcases rock and fall over
Physics of throwing calculated
This was challenged 40 years later when new experiments showed that bubbles persist in the fluid long after knuckles have been cracked.
The new mathematical model appears to resolve this by showing that only a partial collapse of the bubbles is needed to produce the sound. Thus, tiny bubbles can hang around in the joint fluid after the knuckle has been cracked.
The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, shows that the pressure generated by the collapse of the bubbles produces acoustic waves that can be predicted mathematically, as well as measured experimentally in three volunteers.
It also confirms why some people are unable to crack their knuckles. If you have a large space between the bones in the knuckles, the pressure in the fluid does not drop low enough to trigger the sound.
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